Monday, February 11, 2013

we got this or rather I survived the storm with the lame name

Yesterday was the first day in 2 days that I put on real clothes and actually left my house. I was pretty convinced Kh was going to have to cut me out of my pajamas, that’s how serious it was.

Like most of New England, it’s a winter wonderland outside my front door. Snow drifts 7feet tall, snow tunnels that were once wide sidewalks, and giant snow banks shaped oddly like cars. The town I live in has the worst snow removal process ever and any street that isn’t a main road still has at least 4 inches of snow packed down with slush on top of it so you can barely drive on it,

Or rather, I can barely drive on it. My POS Toyota still doesn’t have snow tires on it. Woop woop! A steady incline with a bit of slush on it? Oh, no problem, excuse me while I spin out and ultimately go backwards. Vroom vroom bitches.  
 [ that's us mid-storm. we took a walk like a bunch of jackasses ]

We got stir crazy and finally left the house yesterday in a zipcar (a car you can rent hourly). I’d say it was eventful, but it wasn’t. We had to dig out the car, even after the service rep at zipcar said the lot and car would be clean. A big screw you to the lyingface zipcar lady. You suck.

 While digging out the car, a man shoveling the sidewalk casually would peer our way every so often. After about 30 minutes of shoveling, and just as we’re getting the car out, he comes over and offers to help. Hey, buddy, take your sweat pants back over there, we got this shit. 

What I did to stay sane during the snowstorm with the lamest name ever:  
:: I found people that went to my high school on instagram and mildly obsessed about how much I can’t/couldn’t stand them.
:: I played with the imadeface app and made our cute little faces. Even if I always have bitch face. 

:: I watched endless episodes of The X-Files
:: I cooked. Chocolate chip pancakes, (my first ever) homemade vegetarian chili and cornbread, and homemade pizza.
:: I made dream catchers, rings, hair clips, and things out of sculpey.
:: I made Kh paint my nails. And toe nails. Purple and green.
:: Spied on my neighbors shoveling out their cars in sweat pants, ugg boots and a moto jacket.

What I did not do:
:: Clean my apartment.
:: The dishes.
:: Organize my closet and put away my clothes.
:: The laundry.
:: Successfully get drunk.
:: Sleep in.
:: Wear pants that didn’t have an elastic waistband.

 Pretty damn eventful, right? Ok, not in the least bit. But I'd give anything to go back to Saturday and not have it be Monday. booo-hoo. 



  1. love this sunglasses and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. HEY! You are a no reply blogger!! That's why I haven't been able to comment you back!! You can go here:

    Fix that shit girl!!!! Also, what size do you need for the button???

    PS. Also , get rid of the captcha!!!!

    1. Girl. That shit is fixed. At least it better be or I'll get real mad. I'm still working out how to use this blogger bidniz.

      gimme a 200x200 button or 180x90, whichever is easiest for you.

  3. I can't believe that we were having 50 degree days in the midwest while you guys were getting slammed.
    Your newest follower after clicking over from the GFC blog hop!

    1. The weather is so strange these days, it seems. Today it's in the 50's here after all that snow! crazy.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and following.