Wednesday, February 27, 2013

just because.. i'll admit

I’ll admit I hate the mustache on everything trend. That applies to beards as well.

I’ll admit I had Domino’s gluten free pineapple pizza for dinner last night and it was fucking delicious.  

I’ll admit I’ve had at least 2 glasses of wine every night this week.

I’ll admit I mostly paint my nails so I don’t bite them.

I’ll admit that I’ve been in my pajamas since 6:30pm.

I’ll admit that I was wearing said pajamas when I took the dogs out for a potty break, and am a little ashamed that my neighbor caught me.

I’ll admit I got sucked into shopping on etsy and two hours went by. Opps. 

I’ll admit I have a bad case of road rage that comes out every time I’m behind the wheel.

I’ll admit I haven’t shaved my legs in months.

I’ll admit I talk to my mom on the phone almost every day, and we still don’t really listen to each other.



  1. Wine every night, not shaving my legs(It's winter, shhh), and wearing pyjamas non stop? Sounds like my last couple of weeks hahah! Great post!


    1. there should be a hairy legged pajama wearing wine drinking party :)

    2. Now THAT would be a blast!

  2. Ohhhh etsy is sure can turn daylight into midnight?

    Love it.

    1. that should be there tagline - haha :)

  3. Oh goodness, I adore your haircut.

    I'm so glad someone else agrees that the mustache thread needs to go the way of the dinosaur. Such an idiotic and pointless trend (I am a bit partial to beards though).

    1. well thanks :)

      the mustache is everywhere! and it needs to not be. but I'll agree, I do like a beard, but on a face, not on a sweater, coffee mug, or beanie hat.