Thursday, February 21, 2013

coffee talk number three

I slacked off last week, and I’m sorry for that. I skipped a coffee talk, and I’m ashamed.

Not really, I was just too busy to really get my head out of my ass and put together a post.

Being busy has its ups and its downs. The upside? Making that money, getting those clients and working hard towards a goal. The downside? I want to go to bed by 7pm, I’m barely awake long enough to get my buzz on, and I’m not getting nearly enough online window shopping in.

I made it a point to take a few moments to get in some me time this week. I did some window shopping and played with my polyvore account. I haven’t touched that thing in forever.

If you have a polyvore you can find me here

I can't really complain about this past Winter, as it really hasn't been too bad. But holy moly am I ready for Spring. I'm sick of the snow, and the temperatures going from 48 all the way down to 10. Get out of here already. 

To psych myself up I made a few Springy outfits.

I love a nautical theme, especially a subtle one. I'd even wear the red shoes.
It wouldn't be my type of outfit without a skull theme to it. Now would it?

Since I don't want to bore you with just my polyvore outfits, how about a few things I've been lusting after while window shopping? Ok, sure Stephanie why not!

I am loving the graveyard leggings so so so much, but they might even be too goth for me. I, of course, had a million other things I loved and put into my cart but never intend to buy. They just sit there all "wahh buy me I'm even on saleeee!" I hate telling cute things no..

Not really. No is my favorite word.

A post that should have taken me 30 minutes to type up has now turned into a 3 hour escapade and it's driving me bonkers. You ever feel like the second you get on the computer, or start to do something on your own every living thing in the house needs your attention? Yeah, that's my night. 



  1. Love the first look. Maybe because I'm on the look out for nice comfy red shoes.

    1. they can really make (or break haha) an outfit, right :)