Monday, February 18, 2013

a weekend, some fake hair, and a lot of wine

I wish I had one of those weekends full of crazy adventures and tomfoolery. But, I didn’t.

Let’s start my recap with Valentines Day, since I’m such a grump-puss about the whole holiday.

I had an excruciatingly long day at work, but Kh was able to surprise me with flowers, a box of chocolates (for myself, kh and our friend to share), and other little trinkets that were just perfect. For me at least.

She got me a bat shit crazy card (the inside was the cutest thing ever), a porcupine quill necklace, and a nylon ring that is coated in spf so when I start tanning (not on purpose mind you, I don't do that shit) I’ll have tan lines that shape. Cute.

That night Kh, our friend, and myself went out to eat at what’s becoming our favorite walk-to-so-we-can-get-drunk place. 3 glasses of wine, and enough food to make me pop made the walk home pretty difficult.

Friday was another exceptionally long day for me. I don’t know what it was but last week really kicked my ass and then some. I got home and took the longest shower ever. Right in the middle of our “what do you want for dinner?” discussion (that can usually last an hour if not more) I got a text from a friend who was getting dinner at a Italian place that’s right down the street from my house. We gave in and went.

The place itself is just what you think of if I were to say “That local family owned Italian restaurant with a lot of shit on the walls.”

I had a salad and mozzarella sticks. And by the time I got home I was writing out my will and quite sure I was dying. My toilet became my best friend, and I’ll just leave that up to your imagination to fill in the blanks. I should have known better when I saw the fruit flies swarming around our table.

Saturday I was able to pump enough life into my veins to dye my hair and the extensions. I might have made a mess. To dye the extensions I just placed them on a piece of aluminum foil and painted the color on. Making sure to work it in realll gooood. 

 Who doesn't love a behind the scenes look at someone making a complete mess of themselves while dying their hair? 

Sunday? It mother-truckin snowed again. I know it’s New England, but can’t a girl get a break? I’m ready to retire these winter boots already.

The only thing really productive that happened on Sunday was getting my hair cut and my extensions put in. Hair surgery!

Left - first glass of wine. Right - my third. 

In total it took close to 3 hours. We ended around 11:30pm, and my poor friend had to be up by 3am to catch a 5:30 flight. Even if he was half asleep, my hair came out just how I wanted it. He filled in the front with about 20 pieces per side to start making the shape of a bob.

I know it's not the craziest of differences. It's about 2 1/2inches longer on each side of my face. Which is just what I needed to not drive myself crazy while growing out this mop of mine.

I'm sure I'll post more photos in the following week. It's the first time in a long ass time I like how my hair looks. So that says something.


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