Wednesday, February 13, 2013

can't it get just a bit closer

Today’s life lesson: When doing a craft that calls for you to leave it out in direct sunlight to cure, don’t start the project at 4pm while the sky is slowly getting darker and darker. And after said craft, don’t fall asleep with your face directly in front of the space heater, you might need to drink a gallon of water and put on some moisturizer.

I feel like an old nanna today. I have a pillow behind my back, a blanket over my lap, and my laptop on a pillow on top of said blanket. A space heater is pulled up real close to me. If I could I’d put the blanket over the space heater and call it a day.

Sunday night the street outside my house looked like this.
 I knew there was no way I was going to be able to drive my car on it.

Anyyyways. Long story short. I walked 5 miles total on Monday. In these brand new ugly ass winter boots I had to buy. My back has been killing me ever since. I have an icy-hot patch on it and I’m feeling damn sexy.
 Is that a sweet tattoo? Oh no, it’s just my icy hot patch.

I had two large marks on my lower back all night after taking it off. I thought I was burned for life.

In anticipation of V-day tomorrow Kh and I went out for dinner and drinks at one of our favorite places this evening. Our friend is coming into town tomorrow so we won’t be spending it just the two of us. I find Vday to be overrated, and it's super hard to find a place that is still open for reservations. Shh, don't tell Kh that first part, I'd be sleeping on the couch.
 My girlfriend sure is handsome.

I ordered Jade Mountain Chardonnay. Classy? No, it was the only wine I could pronounce without sounding like an asshat. Kh got a fancy cocktail, as per usual. We also ate deviled eggs and apple cobbler. Uh – whatttt! 

Chalk that up to one of those precious moments you're glad your pants have an elastic-extendable waistline. (Maybe that's just me, I'm ok with it.)

 This is what I looked like tonight. 

It’s 11 and I can’t believe I’m even still awake.


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