Saturday, February 16, 2013

a hairy history

  --> There you have it. The history of my hair in pictorial form starting with little high school me. Yeah I was in a tube top bra and stockings. Didn’t everyone hang out in their bathroom like that? Then we move on to college me, first move to Boston me, Philadelphia and Portland me, Salem me, and this past Summer me.

A couple of photos show my natural hair color.

Gosh do I miss my angled bob..

I’ve made the decision recently to grow my hair out. I’m quite sure once I get the long hair I’m aiming for, I’ll hate it and want to cut it all off again. I’m ready for a bit of change, even if it means being a hair-hating grouchy pants until I get it.

My good friend, who happens to be my hair stylist (and has been doing my hair on and off since I was 19) stays at my house every 6 weeks when he comes up from Florida to do clients at the old salon I used to work at. This works out smashingly for me, as I get salon quality cuts in my kitchen. (So does Kh.)

This time around he brought up some extensions that we’re going to color match to my hair and throw in to frame my face. Yes, and yes! And don’t be fooled, by color match I simply mean we’re dying it the same box-color I dye my own hair. Box color’s pretty bad for your hair, but ain’t nobody got time to go to the salon! (By time I mean money).  I’m even more excited by the fact I don’t need to go back to the salon I used to work at to get it done. Yeahhhhh-whoooo!

My hairs going to go through several stages. All of which I’m going to hate immensely.

Right now I’m at the helmet head stage.  My hair grows out in a thick bulky mess and then starts to lengthen. My head looks about 2x bigger with all this hair just hanging out on the top of it.

I won’t scare you away with photos of that look, but tomorrow I’ll have a new cut and some fine ass extensions to be whipping around.



  1. You have had some really gorgeous hair cuts.

  2. I love your hair in all of these! The short hair fits you so well!

    1. thanks a bunch! short hair is definitely the easiest to take care of by far ;)

  3. You're pretty, no matter the hairstyle, m'dear.