Friday, February 8, 2013

three postiives and a negative

  + I got my passport application all filled out and sent away. I had been putting it off for weeks now. I finally pulled up my big girl pants (with help from Kh), got my mugshot taken and sent it in. Mexico, here I come! I look like a total goob in it. 

+ My business is up and running. Mostly on the hush hush. I still have to wait until I’m no longer an independent contractor through another company to really start marketing without the threat of premature termination. But I’m on my way.

+ My studio is showing progress. I’m clearing off table space, finding homes for everything, and organizing out the ass. It’s thankfully giving me enough room to breathe and start projects or finish ones I’ve left laying around forever.

- My headache will NOT go away.  Add in some sinus pressure and I’m having a grand time. A grand week long time of feeling like my head is in a vice. It makes playing on the internet not an option. 

New England is getting hit with a storm this evening, and the entire Boston area has been in panic mode for two days now. Yesterday traffic was so terrible going anywhere took triple the time it normally did. We went grocery shopping, and stocked up on our liquor. I have every intention of staying in my pajamas for 2 days, and doing some day drinking.


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