Saturday, May 31, 2014

currently :: may thirty first twenty fourteen

 I’m hoping if I start off with something as simple as what I’ve been up to, maybe the words will find me again and I’ll pay more attention to this corner of the blog world my ghost has inhabited. I also need to put something else up besides the passing of Sophia.


Kh is grocery shopping.. without me! I’m pretty much over the moon about this. I hate going grocery shopping, and I just slow her down so I might as well stay home.

The warm weather that’s made it’s way to us. No more snow and it’s not in the 90’s yet.

The new addition to our family. More on this later. Ekkkk!

Black maxi dress shopping. I will find the perfect one.. oh yes, I will! By one, I mean at least 3 for this summer. It’s my staple. My uniform.. I neeeed them!

not loving so much ://:

I’m pretty bummed that my Saturday is almost over with. My weekends are going by too fast. I really need to take some time off, and get away more often. I’m on the fence about how busy my company’s become in the past two months alone. I had to hire another contractor and have at least 4 consultations a week now.

How much I still miss Sophia. I still dream about her and imagine I see her out of the corner of my eye. My heart hurts.

Wayward friends only contacting me when they want advice/help with something, or it’s convenient for them.

The lack of air conditioning in my car.

hating ://:

Being woken up at 8am by more construction on the apartment below us. 4 months is long enough, I’m over it.

White pants.


looking forward to ://:  

We’re going to see Hedwig and The Angry Inch on Broadway in June! I’m so very much looking forward to this. We’re getting a hotel in Manhattan and spending a few days away from it all. I’m hoping my hotel room has a bathtub, that will just make it even more amazing.

Finishing my newest tattoo next Friday.

Let’s hope that will help with my updating more regularly. I have oh so very much to share.