Thursday, February 14, 2013

im a walking heart on

Valentines Day. Pffffttttttt! (if you were wondering, that’s a fart sound coming out of my mouth.)

Kh and I recently took a trip to Target. I found myself walking through the seasonal section and seeing nothing but prepackaged chocolate filled cardboard hearts, lollipops shaped like glistening beacons of love (ew?), and bears clutching to hearts with LOVE written in white script. I was probably more irritated by the apparent lack of Reese's peanut butter treats than anything else.

I, personally, have been over Valentines Day since I grew my first pube.

In my high school days the weeks leading up to Valentines Day were absolute torture. My hickville school had a fundraiser that allowed people to buy roses for girl friends, boy friends, secret admirers, crushes, you name it. You could send them anonymously or put a name to it. I would hold my breathe during homeroom secretly wishing I’d get a lame-ass rose. I never did, womp womp. Not even from a friend. My blonde haired, cheerleader best friend? Oh, she got plenty over the years.

Bitter? Yeah, a little.

 I dated a guy long distance for most of my late teens, and the most memorable Vday gift I received was a box containing a bear, chocolate shaped hearts, and a wooden “Dutch” love spoon. Complete with a heart on the handle. Yeah, seriously. His uncanny way of picking out the perfect gift was only matched by his tribal armband tattoo and love of Transformers.

Ok, fast forward over 10 years later. Last year Kh surprised me with a rose and tickets to see Casablanca (one of my favorites of all time) on the big screen playing at a local theater. I love that she knows me well enough to surprise me like that. It really takes a lot to get to know me, I’m a tough cookie.

I love her every day of the year. Tuesdays, Fridays, and even on mornings when she forgets to pour me a cup of coffee. I believe our relationship goes a bit beyond making sure we send each other flowers and a card on a random day in February. I put a lot of thought into each gift I give/make her, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. Even if I hate Valentines Day and its manufactured consumerism with the after taste of love.

What I’m getting at is I’m completely stumped what to make her this year. Womp womp.  



  1. D'awww such a grumpy puss. It's okay to not love Valentine's Day, because Valentine's Day still loves youuuuuu! ;-) Good luck with an idea for Kh!

    1. I am such a grumpy puss - haha! you caught me. i hope you had a good vday even if i am a grump!

  2. The most beautiful valentines cat print ever.