Friday, February 22, 2013

this is me : currently

(hey. I have shorts on. don't get cheeky)
:: Currently ::

Obsessing over ::  

Finding the right time to make a big change, one that will set into motion something I can’t stop for a long time to come. It’ll make me have to take on full responsibility of tasks I can normally default to only being a middle woman on. I’m slightly terrified, and stressing out every second about when’s the right moment. But, there’s never the right moment and you have to just take the plunge and create change for yourself, if you ever want to see changes come. 

And the length of my hair. der.

Working on ::

My website for said change. I’m going over every single detail making sure it’s perfect. Almost obsessively.. So, see above?

My etsy shop. My artwork. My uncanny ability to ignore problems. I’m always a work in progress. 

What if I admitted to the fact I was working on facebook stalking a girl I used to sleep with, would you judge me? What if I said her newest girl friend is close to 10 years younger than her and was totally wearing a completely sheer shirt with a yellow bra while opening presents with her family and it was totally fun to be grossed out in my own head and admit it on my blog?

Thinking about ::

What day this weekend I can spend the entirety of it in my pajamas watching movies I haven’t seen in forever while eating ice cream cake. And probably drinking.

Oh, and the fact I get to sleep the * bleep * in tomorrow.

Anticipating ::

Next Friday when Kh gets home from being away this entire week. She’s only been gone from my sight for about 11 hours and I’m already a huge mopey bitch.

Listening to ::

Absolute silence and it’s AMAZEBALLS. Once in a while a dog will let out a heavy sigh, but even that is tolerable when I have all other sounds turned off. I need this.

Eating/Drinking ::

A tall glass of merlot. With the bottle right next to me. Yes and please. Even though it's having the affects of drinking fermented grape juice. I don't like this kind one bit. Mer.

Wishing ::

I don’t find it’s beneficial to wish on things, as I’ve learned wishing doesn’t bring anything to a culmination..I sound like a cynical old biddy.

Ok, let me try that last one again so I don’t sound so much like a crankfart… wish this wine wasn’t crappy. There! A wish! 

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!

I liked this little link up. I used to be obsessive about taking self portraits as a way to document the ever evolving, ever elusive manifestation that was.. is.. and might always be.. Stephanie Marie. Dun dunn.. Ever since photography school I took a step back and haven’t really done much behind/in front of the camera play. I liked goofing around and getting nothing good out of this photoshoot but still using a shot.
One of the dogs just barked and my precious silence is ruined.



  1. No judging on stalking.

    Silence is definitely needed sometimes.

    1. everyones gotta do a little stalking every now and again, right?