Monday, March 4, 2013

your maximum point of power in your life is now

Last weekend, while a bit relaxing, was void of Kh and of anything real exciting. I tried to make up for it this weekend.

Friday night Kh, my good friend, his girl friend and myself went to a local bar/restaurant that we’ve frequented often by now. It’s within stumbling distance from our house, which makes it the perfect spot to go to when we want to get.. how do I say it.. trashed. 
Kh and I got there a bit early, so we could get a table and have a drink before they arrived. Friday was my stressful run in with the crazy, so we were both on edge and full of anxiety. We got dinner, drinks, and ended up staying there for quite a while. When it was time to leave, we figured why not go to the bar next door! So naturally, we did.

Fast forward to the bartender calling last call, and flicking the lights on and off. I look at my phone to see what time it was, 2am. There's something incredibly jarring about the lights going on in a bar when you're drunk, and completely unaware of what time it is.

I can’t tell you the last time I stayed out until last call, or even closed down a bar. I’m more of a have a few drinks out then finish off by getting tanked at home kind of girl. I keep it classy and cheap.
 (hungover me)

It was really great spending time with both of them, but the next day I was in rough. Rough. Shape. I had some work to do, and other then that I spent the entire day sleeping, drinking coconut water, boinking and staring at my ever-growing wreck of an apartment. Oyyy.

The best part about being hungover is the next day when you open up your eyes and feel like “Holy shit I could conquer the world! And not throw up all over!”. You expect to still feel like you’re dying and it’ll never go away, when bam.

I opened up my eyes, rolled out of bed, grabbed a glass of water then went back to bed Sunday morning. I figured it was somewhere around 8:30, the usual time we start to wake up. I get into the bedroom and Kh sits straight up in bed, eyes wide and is all “Do you KNOW what time it is?!” I stare blankly at her until she says “10:45.”

That put a fire under my ass and I had to rush around to get ready and out the door. I saw a kittie client, and then we went Tv shopping. Something Kh has been dying to do forever now.
 We got Starbucks first. Their coffee makes me feel like I’m on crack.

Blah blah blah, Best Buy blah blah Technology. All of which doesn’t compute with me very well. I stood around while Kh chatted it up with the tv man. Who had some wicked sick tatties on his forearms. You know, like a banner over what looked like a gravestone all in gray wash with someone’s name in it.  

While ignoring everything I look up and see the face of this guy I used to sleep with on 15 different tv monitors surrounding me. I can’t escape it! Ah! I texted my best friend and it looked something like this.

 Kh installed the tv when we got home, with very little help from me. Do you see the difference? Yeah, I don't either. HA! I know we went from 40" to 46" and now everything I watch looks like it's going to pop out of the screen at me. Size matters.
Later on Sunday night I talked Kh into going to the craft store. I actually spent less than I’ve ever spent there before. I was in absolute shock when the girl at the register told me the total. Under $70, and I still walked away with a bag full of random crap.

We did a few more errands and got sushi take out.

Once I stuffed my face we started to finish watching Sinister. We had tried to watch it Saturday night, but Kh got incredibly quiet and asked me if I wanted to keep watching it. Which is totally a signal for “holy fuck this is freaking my shit out can I turn it off?!”

I wasn’t really that impressed by it. It was quite predictable, all the way down to how the ending was going to play out. A few scenes were a bit freaky, but nothing I hadn’t seen before. I’m usually more terrified than I was when there are kids involved in any paranormal psycho thrill kill kind of movies. 

And now it’s Monday. It’s sunny, and I’ve finished my second cup of coffee, bring it on.


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  1. Woah in a bar until 2:00 am & then sleep until 10 , Heaven!!!!!!
    Following you through GFC Collective , hope you will follow back as well!
    Aree With Umbrella