Wednesday, March 13, 2013

five reasons why i should be allowed to sleep an entire day this weekend

Last night I spent an hour trying to log onto my tumblr account. After trying every single email/password combination I could think of, I realized I was trying to log onto facebook. Fail.

While brushing my teeth last night, I dropped my toothbrush completely out of my hand and it bounced off my tank top. I refused to change said tank top. Tonight Kh looked at my tank top and said, “Is that toothpaste? From last night?” Opps. I’ve been caught.

I wrote today’s date at least 8 times today, and each time I wrote the date as 2014. I’m living in the future, bitches. (3/13/13 what a strange date..)

I just fell asleep while sneaker shopping online.  

And drooled. 



  1. Those reasons would definitely qualify you in my book! Here's to hoping you get a day to at least sleep in

    1. thanks lady. im going to tell this weekend that you said i should be allowed to sleep. i hope it works ;)