Friday, March 1, 2013

fridays [mid level] five

:: I’m quite sure I went through one big bottle of merlot, and 2 smaller bottles of merlot this week. Drunk McDrunkpants.
:: It’s a good thing I don’t like my personal space. This pitbull was with me for almost an entire week and had to be up my butt the whole time.
:: I let Lucy sleep in the bed with me all week. This will stop when Kh gets home. I woke up the other morning to the sound of snoring, her head on my pillow, and her little body tucked in the blankets.
:: I wore Kh’s shirt to bed more than once.
:: I finally gave in and put some laundry away. Not before laying in the middle of it throwing a fit first. 

Overall this week was damn boring. It doesn't really deserve a high five. I spent a lot of time writing, and generally just staring off into space. Kh got home at around 7am this morning. We napped on the couch for a while and now I have to head to get some work done. Pfft. I just want to stay in bed with her. We're going out for dinner and drinks tonight to celebrate her arrival back home, and my departure from my job. It's something worth celebrating. 


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  1. That does sound like celebration-worthy stuff.
    And I don't think anyone doesn't throw a mini-fit when you have to pick up things you've had lying around-- I know I throw mini-fits.