Friday, March 15, 2013

what i want from march | lately

. My birthday to quietly walk across the stage, bow, and exit without making a big scene. Or hopefully without flipping me off too.

Two. The sun to stay out past 6pm, and to peak its bright ass head out for more than one day during the week. Can I get rid of this seasonal depression already?

Three. Grow hair, grow.

Four. Day trips to eat my favorite cheese platter. Yes, I’d drive 30 minutes to eat a plate of cheese. Maybe even two plates. Mama loves her cheeseeee.

Five. I’d like to sleep in until at least 10am one of these days. My month would be complete if I could spend the rest of that day napping too.

Six. A day off would be amazing. I haven’t had one yet, so give a girl a break.

Seven. The first season of Once Upon A Time to get out of my system. You suck, but I can’t get enough of you knowing there’s always one more I can watch.

Eight. My wine to stop running out. An every other day run to the liquor store is making me look like I have a problem.

Nine. My grandma, and mom to send me my Christmas presents. If they want to save time and send my birthday presents with them, that’d be great too.

Ten. I want to pet a goat. Maybe even a pig too. Even if goats can be assholes and pigs feel weird.

I've been drinking too much beer lately, knowing full well I shouldn't. My hair is unruly and creating it's own rules. Winter is eating my soul alive, and I can only sit back and watch it dine. I'm to tired to put on real clothes, I live out of my car and find my personal time only exists in the morning. I'm having a hard time saying no, but desperately need a date night with my Kh. I'm thinking to much, and saying to little. Running on empty but always feeling too full. March is always a strange month for me. 


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  1. Hope you will get a peaceful birthday :) Then you should ahve a long sleep until noon :)