Thursday, March 14, 2013

i wish i could be in you one last time

It’s always important to blog about something of content. Something of substance. Something people can relate to. Right? Pfft.. Well, that’s why I’m going to tell you all about how upset I am with my favorite pair of boots dying on me. 

Oh, my dear boots. I purchased you for less than $20 at Burlington Coat Factory 2 years ago. I was unsure about you. Your slouchy, ill-fitting tops hit awkwardly on my calves. My legs looked short and stumpy in you, and I’ll admit I didn’t love you right away.

I put you in my closet. On the bottom, buried under my other black boots. Collecting dust, and slowly being forgotten. I’m sorry for so much lost time. I’m sorry I neglected your needs and want to be worn and used like any other boot.

One day, I put my feet in you while in a rush to leave the house. You were there for me, and you felt so right with me in you. You brought my otherwise sloppy outfit together, making it look like I tried, when everyone knows I didn’t. Oh, how I hate not trying when leaving the house.

You went with me on shopping trips, and trips to the grocery store. You were there waiting when I couldn’t be bothered with a zipper or shoelaces.

The first signs of decay came when my foot got wet while walking on the sidewalk. I knew our days were numbered. Slowly, I felt more of a draft and a cold distancing between us. Today, your sole shattered. There is no fixing what we had, no amount of googling for your long lost twin will bring me satisfaction of wearing you again.

It’s going to take me at least 2 weeks to throw you away. Maybe, just maybe I’ll try to glue you back together and hold on for just a bit longer. 

Oh, my dear boots.



  1. Such a tragic, unnecessary death for something so loyal.

    1. they were always there for me, every step i took.. *sigh*.. (haha)

  2. Oh no! My beloved boots are about dead as well, which is so damn depressing. Have you thought about trying to get the resoled?

    1. it really is depressing :'( i've thought about it, but it would probably cost me more to get them resoled than the boots originally cost me :(