Wednesday, July 3, 2013

all your friends suck; and I hate a lot

I was stopped at a red light yesterday. Staring off into space just wanting to get out of my car, when I couldn’t help but stare at a group of three girls walking down the street. They were just what you’d picture if I described three girls in their mid-20’s, wearing Summer dresses, shorts and tank tops. Taking it easy, strolling down the street.

I watched them for an entire block until the light turned green.

I drove off with only one thought in my head. That one thought? People sure are jerks.

For that entire block, I watched the three girls walk side by side, then one after another while passing other pedestrians. One of the girls, the one that happened to walk first in line, had her skirt stuck on her bag and pulled up exposing her underwear. And in turn the bottom of her butt cheek. The tag of her shirt was hanging out, which wouldn’t have been a big thing; except for the fact it was one of those 4” long tags just flapping in the breeze.

 I know I have some shitty friends, but if one of them let my butt hang out for over a block, I’d probably slap them.

Maybe it’s the heat, no; it’s definitely the heat. Making my patience and tolerance barely there, and my irritability extra high.


:: Working outside on these excruciatingly hot and muggy days with no AC in my car.
:: Coming home to my house being destroyed by a dog that’s staying overnight. She shredded two of my candles. Shred-ed.
:: Slow drivers, not using a turn signal, bicyclists, tailgaters, general shitty drivers.
:: People who can’t manage to pay their invoices even remotely on time. And those that "forget" to leave payment before long trips.
:: Busybodies.
:: When others make assumptions that you’ll do something for them.
:: Flip flops being worn in public. Socks and sandals..
:: Repeating myself.
:: Close walkers and people who sit to close to you in a movie theater. People who crowd you when you’re shopping.
:: When check out clerks carry on a personal conversation the entire time you’re getting rung out.
:: Shopping at Whole Foods. Rude ass people, it’s like post-apocalyptic hell in there.
:: Never getting a day off.
:: The awkward length my hair is and how it turns into a fluffy cotton ball the second I step outside in this soupy weather.
:: Having to wear shorts to stay cool. I hate shorts.
:: When my coffee gets cold.

And bam. I’m still shitty at updating this thing. Does anyone have big 4th of July plans? I’ll be sitting poolside drinking most of the day. Oh yes.


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  1. Hell yes I loved this post. Heh heh. Those girls are definite frenemy bitches.