Monday, June 24, 2013

secret surprise birthday party shenanigans and other weekend happenings

I have been absolutely dying to talk about this. Dying!

In May I started making plans to have a surprise birthday for Kh. I made party reservations at our favorite local bar, got in touch with her friends, and started stockpiling gifts on the sly.

She had a crazy work event that took up the time around her birthday, so we had it this past Saturday. Finally! Talk about stressful, holding back big plans like that. I was a nervous wreck the past few weeks in anticipation. 
Saturday we spent the whole day hanging out with one of my clients while they unloaded their moving van. He’s a 150lb St. Bernard, that just so happens he can’t go up stairs. I live on the second floor of my apartment.. so we took a long walk around a pond, then sat in a park and had some lunch with him. 

The party happened on Saturday night, and it went so well. I can finally relax. We had friends come in from out of town, including my best friend who came in from NYC. She spent all day with us and Kh had no idea she was here for her party. Phew, that takes some skill!

I barely got any photos; I was to busy mingling and enjoying the night. Kh’s good friend made nutella frosting cupcakes, and gluten free brownies. So amazing!

Sunday we went out for brunch. We didn’t plan very properly and it took somewhere close to 2hours before we actually ate. That’s pretty typical of The Friendly Toast on a weekend. I had all the beverages ever, including a mimosa made out of grapefruit juice instead of oj. It was delicious! I also tried my first bloody mary, spicy!

While waiting for our food we saw a giant poof of flame shoot out of the kitchen. Apparently a can of something or another got to close to the grill and exploded. We were too comatose with hunger to really care and just stared at the smoke in the room.
After what turned into lunch we laid around the apartment napping. I had a couple of clients staying over so it was small dog city in my apartment. 

I got Kh a few wet taxidermy specimens for her bday. A squid head, leeches, and rat feet(which aren't pictured).
 Now it's back to work. It was over 90degrees today, and I was quite sure I was dying. I got to take the worlds second longest nap, made hot dogs on the grill, and painted sugar skulls for a few hours.  

I want my weekend to hurry up and get here again. 




    Okay sorry about that. Looks like a really great birthday! I love the creepy cool gifts you found for her :-)

  2. I'm impressed -- I would never have been able to keep something like that under wraps!