Tuesday, July 9, 2013

this is my obligatory I saw fireworks post

I could go on about how busy I’ve been with work, and how my social life is nonexistent. I could tell you about how I just want to start my own “Stay at Home Club” and never leave my dark AC climate controlled living room. But really, how much fun is that?

In case you were wondering, not much at all, and it’s my life right now. 

On the upside I realized a new season of The Killing is currently on TV. Since I don’t have cable, I made the $17.99 investment and bought it on iTunes. I managed to watch all 7 episodes yesterday, and even get Kh sucked into the show. I just love Enos, she’s my new gf. Even if it made me have crazy crime drama dreams all last night.

Ok. So let’s talk about what I did around this all American holiday. On the 3rd Kh, our two friends and myself went up to Gloucester to watch the annual fireworks. We sat next to a canal, watching boats head out to the harbor. I love watching drawbridges go up, and secretly was more thrilled about this part than the actual explosions in the sky.

The downside? I forgot to put on bug spray and got eat-the-fuck-up by some would not quit it mosquitoes. 
The fireworks were.. fireworky. Colorful explosions in the sky. Afterwards we stopped at a Roast Beef place and I got a strawberry milkshake that tasted like strawberry Nesquick mix, and it was delicious.

On the actual 4th, we spent the day having a cookout poolside at Kh’s bestie and her girlfriends’ house. The pool belongs to their landlords, who were away for the holiday week. Prior to leaving they had let their friends know they could come use it, so of course their friends did. With 4 children in tow.

We spent most of the 4th trying to have a larger ratio of gays always present, and discussing never really wanting to have children. As the children ran amok eating anything we left on the table and kicking Kh in the pool. 

We brought the girls with us, let them freak out over puppy ice cream and play on the grass. Cuteness.
 We even got Lucy to go swimming. She hated me for it, but it was real cute. I'd share a video we made, but it has me talking in it, so no way Jose. 

 I came home and promptly passed out. The only thing I want in my life these days is to take sporadic naps and get rid of my tan.

That’s essentially what I’ve been up to. This weekend we went out for dinner Friday night, and I spent the rest of the weekend working, and trying to keep up my hermit status. I finished a book I was pretty disappointed with, painted a few sea creatures, and became obsessed with avocado and black beans in scrambled eggs. Pretty eventful, right? I am such a party animal.

And now I want avocado in my eggs.

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  1. Heh heh...I love how you wrote the fireworks were "fireworky" colorful explosions in the sky. So awesome. And it's so true; it's like - yup, they're fireworks and it's fun and it is what it is. Also: very cute puppy pics! :)