Monday, July 15, 2013

it was our anniversary and im obsessed with avocados

Three years ago, on the 10th, Kh and I had our first date. It was only after I stalked her a little, on facebook that she finally asked me out.

I was working in a salon; she was a client of someone I had known for years. Someone I had known for years, and even worked at another salon with. We had never crossed paths until then. I saw her, and thought she was the most handsome person ever. She was wearing business casual, her button up shirt tucked in to her pants, a side bag looking like a briefcase. I was a bit smitten.

So naturally I did what any self-respecting person in this day and age would do, I came across her profile on facebook through a girl that I was on again-off again sleeping with, and added her.

She likes to say this is the part where she was all “Whattt! I think the hot girl from the salon is adding me on facebook! What do I do!” To which her best friend replied, “When a hot 24 year old wants to be your friend, you don’t question it, you just do it.”

We met up on a Saturday in the early evening after I got off work. We went to a low-key bar, and talked for hours. Afterwards, she walked me the entire way home, which was about an hour and some change.

From that moment on, our dates lasted well into the morning hours, and it was hard to separate when we did have to say our goodbyes. To do things like go to work and sleep. It took her around 3 months to finally kiss me, and we still joke about her calling us a situationship for the better part of that first year.

I don’t know where I’d be without her in my life. She’s my rock, and keeps me sane.

She also buys me amazing gifts like a sterling silver caste vertebrae of some small animal. 

 On our actual anniversary we went out to seafood restaurant I'd never been to before. The atmosphere was really so loud we couldn't chat, but we were able to make ridiculous hand gestures and goof around. 

I am loving vodak infused iced tea drinks lately. Delicious. 
For an appetizer we got BBQ shrimp, and practically fought over it. They were amazing. 
My meal looked like this. And while that doesn't look appetizing in the least bit, and seriously who would even second glance at it.. The big chunk of a thing in the front is half of an avocado, grilled with pineapple salsa in it. Can i just say? AHHHHHmazing. I've been on an avocado overload ever since.

I put avocado in my eggs yesterday morning, on my salad the day before, and today I have big plans for the half of avocado I'm squirreling away in the fridge. I might overdose on it. 

It's Monday and I don't really want to get a move on the rest of my week. Yesterday I laid on the couch and watched episode after episode of Lost. I'm finally watching it after all the hype has passed. It was great barely having any work to do and being to hungover to really do any work to begin with. 


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