Wednesday, July 31, 2013

currently: end of july

Loving. Just about everything. I got the urge to get tattooed again recently, and have since gotten tattooed twice in less than a week.
I've been wanting my wishbone forever, and I love it. I've been going to Amanda at Empire Tattoo, and she's fantastic. I have a million more ideas I'll be throwing her way.

Not loving so much. Trying to heal hand tattoos in the start of my work week. What was I thinking? Impulsive.. My moms back in the hospital. My dog has elevated liver enzymes and needs an abdominal scan. My kitchen is infested with fruit flies and I’m waging a war against them. And.. a few other things.

Reading. You can check out this post for a more in-depth look at it all. But I started the Undertaker Tales Sunday, and it gave me nightmares last night. I can’t really blame it on that though, I have been watching a lot of horror movies.. More than usual.

Watching. The Killing. I just realized a couple of weeks ago that it was back on television, and since then I’ve been watching it religiously every week. I love a crime drama, and I’ve been obsessed with this set of characters and storyline since Season 1. 

We’ve also gone to the movies a lot recently. I saw The Conjuring last week, and Pacific Rim (job) this past weekend. Both of which I really enjoyed. A mindless action movie with robots and aliens, and a ghost story featuring the Warrens set in the 70’s? My movie boner was at an all time high.

Working on. Stenciling/hand painting tote bags. Dream catchers, and magnet sets.

Wearing. Jean shorts. A combination of the two things I hate more than anything. But I’m being pretty lazy and it’s been really hot out. I usually look like I have mom butt really bad in shorts, especially of the jean variety.

I bought my first order from and while I loved the dresses, they didn’t fit. I over estimated the sizing and I was swimming in them. Sent back and waiting for a reorder. I'd like it to just be fall already so I can wear boots and cardigans everywhere.


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