Wednesday, June 19, 2013

catching up; my weekend shenanigans

Kh had her birthday earlier in the month, and I decided to turn every weekend this month into an extended birthday celebration for her. So far it's working out quite well.

Last Friday night we went to our favorite bar, one we don't get to frequent to often. I managed to put 5 Dark and Stormy's to my face. Five.

Saturday morning I affectionately referred to them as Devils Juice. All the while Kh told me I wreaked of ginger beer. I guess that's better than rum, like some drunken sailor.. eh?

I finished up most of my work earlier in the day, so we could head up to Salem and spend the rest of the day eating.

Our first stop was Salem Willows. It's essentially a boardwalk with arcades, and varying food stands. Chinese food to ice cream, they have any form of disgusting food you'd want. Including fried oreos. It reminds me of the Jersey Shore.. Except not.

 Fried shrimp, a hot dog and fries.. Destroyed it. Afterward we were chatting away when I catch a glimpse of something creeping up behind us. I figured it was another person that doesn't understand personal space, but no.. It was this creeping seagull. 

I threw my shrimp tails at him, the first one hitting him square upside the head. He barely even flinched, and it took him a while to go after it. 

To work off some of the food we just inhaled, and make room for ice cream we played in the arcades. 
Kh had her fortune told by Zoltan. Who had a complete contradiction to the other fortune teller mannequin head. She told me my lucky color was white. I'd probably have to disagree. 

After sufficiently eating everything and playing every game ever, including pinball which apparently I'm fantastic at, we went to our other favorite spot to visit while in Salem. 

They have a cheese plate that I'm pretty much in love with. Particularly the mustard ale cheese. I wanted to order 4 chunks of it and squirrel it away in my purse. Kh found it online for $20 a wheel.. She always ruins all my fun. 

I was that person eating bread and drinking gluten free beer. I wanted to find another option so I didn't feel quite as sick/bloaty afterward. I completely threw my low carb/low sugar diet out the window over the weekend, and damn was I glad to. 

This weekend I have another fun plans set into motion, but I'm keeping them hush hush. Loose lips sink ships. 



  1. I love creeping seagull! Forgive me, but what is a dark and stormy? Apparently I don't drink enough.

  2. Aww looks like you guys had a lot of fun... and that food... oh that food!

    1. I was in a food coma the rest of the day, but so worth it :)