Friday, September 6, 2013

small adventures and wonderful finds

I’ve been doing ok lately. How about yourself?

Summer has (what feels like) finally ended here. The past 2 days it’s been in the 60’s, and we’re talking about going apple picking this weekend. I’m pretty fucking happy summer is done with. Call me a bad person, but I hate summer. 

A couple of weekends ago we took an overnight trip to CT to do some antiquing. Kh is from CT, so we just crash at her moms’ house. Which is always an adventure. They have a gigantic German Shepard who I'm sure would love to eat my face (no, really, he's scary), and her mom always has to fill us in on what's happened every day since last we saw her. This time I had just gotten a new tattoo, so throw in a few back handed comments about a new tattoo and why'd I'd want to do that and you have a fun filled night.

But the antiquing part was fun. 

The one thing I wanted more than anything, but Kh refuses to let me have one in the house. She's such a party pooper! I just want to talk to Captain Howdy, is that so wrong?

My goodie haul for the trip. I got it all at one antique shop, even though we went to four. 

:: one :: fish eye mirror with an eagle on top of it
:: two :: vintage doilies, and old clothe napkins
:: three :: a big plastic baggy filled with old photographs 
:: four :: a repainted vintage tray 

We have big plans of building a blanket fort tonight, making a cheese and cracker plate, grabbing some wine and going through the bag of old photos. I'm hoping to sleep in the blanket fort and have coffee in it tomorrow morning. 

My favorite find by far? This. An antique hourglass.

ekkk. Fall. 



  1. I basically hate summer, too. It's so freaking hot and it's not like I'm little miss beach bunny girl. Ugh. I mostly stay inside to try to avoid melting. And I REALLY fucking hate those asshats who make random comments about people's ink: "Don't you know how that's going to look when you're 80?" Yeah, I do - it's going to look badass.

  2. Oh this perfect ouija board *---* Love it, and I love this little mirror too... I hate summer too. Summer is just starting here in Brazil and I'm sweating ¬¬ oh I hate that.