Monday, January 26, 2015

currently: january twenty six two thousand fifteen

[ recent photos from a random photoshoot ]
I seemed to have forgotten to even do a simple post letting the wastelands of cyberspace know what I've been up to. I won't even say lately, as it's been 9 months since I've even posted something remotely like this. Yeah yeah, I suck at this. Life has given me the run around, and I so very easily get trapped inside my own head.

It also doesn't help that I go through periods of being extremely.. introverted and private. At my peak moments, I get weird about even telling someone what I had for breakfast the day before, for fear of them intruding on my life.

But anyways.


loving :: 

We're getting hit with quite the snow storm. The streets are all getting dusted with snow, making everything seem brighter yet some how quieter. It's the first real big storm of the season, and due to it all the roads are closed tomorrow and I get an impromptu day off.

A day during the week where I can sit in my pajamas, eat cold pizza for breakfast and take a nap by 1pm? Yeah, I'm loving this idea.

hating :: 

I came down with a cold the beginning of January, and well I still have it.  I don't feel any better, and I don't particularly feel like it's gotten worse. It's just.. there. To stay it would seem. I get winded walking up stairs, I can't talk for more than a sentence or two before I run out of breathe, and this cough? Just shoot me.

reading ::

Special Agent by Candice DeLong

Bad Feminist: Essays 

eating ::

When I got home from work my brother and I went to the store and got $50 worth of beer, and had $50 worth of pizza, wings, and french fries delivered. So, bring on this storm and the leftovers I'll have tomorrow. 

looking forward to :: 

 Sleeping in tomorrow and my first cup of coffee. Those few moments in the morning when I'm getting settled in and take my first sip of coffee.. I can't think of anything better.

Well, maybe that second your head hits your pillow at night right before sleep takes over. That's pretty damn great too.



  1. Well, it is nice to see you back - I've missed your posts. I know what you mean about the introversion/privacy thing. Sometimes it seems like too much trouble to interact with people, even on the internet. Sometimes my brain gets so overwhelmed and distracted by itself that I'm like "You know what? Don't even want to talk about it. Just let me be swirly-brain tornado girl and leave me alone."
    Side note: I put your button on my blog and if you don't want it there for any reason, like, you don't want to be affiliated with me, let me know.

    1. I'm so flattered you used my button! Thank you :) I'm very happy to be back, and hopefully I can get caught up on everything that happened in the blog world while I was away. I so feel you on swirly-brain tornado girl mode, I feel like that's been the constant for the past year, enough already brain!