Friday, July 4, 2014

taking a bite out of the big apple

In mid June, Kh and I had a little weekend get away to the city that never sleeps. The big apple. We got in the Empire state of mind, if you will. Or rather we went to NYC. It was what NYC is usually like. Crowded, loud, but surprisingly not hot. We had an amazing change of luck and had 70 degree weather and sunny skies all weekend. I almost wept with joy.

The train ride down (yes we rode the train, I'm old). I read, while Kh decided to drink. I joined her, a little.

Waking up in a bed that wasn't mine in Manhattan was amazing. 

We took in some art at the MoMa, but mostly drank in the sculpture garden. 
I bought all the Lush products.. ever. 

We went to the Central Park Zoo.. I saw ducks and turtles.. 
Our whole reason for the trip.. Yes, it was amazing. Yes I'm in love. 

Overall, I'd say I need to get away more often. Not having to worry about waking up and taking care of other peoples pets or responding to emails in a timely fashion was just.. fannntastic. 


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  1. Looks like you guys had fun! And NPH? Totally worth the trip.