Thursday, June 5, 2014

i'm joining the carnival

Just recently one of my dear friends, and mild blog stalker, reminded me that she’s waiting with baited breathe for me to update my blog so she can begin stalking it again.

So in an effort to mostly keep her happy and give her something to read online, here is what I was up to last weekend.

This sort of-not really little town I live in had a carnival this past weekend. I drove by it every single day for a week while they set up, my excitement mounting with every ride secured into place, every midway game set up, and especially every food tent I saw being erected.
My close friend who visits every 6 weeks was in town and we used it as the perfect excuse to go. Because I’m an old grouchy lady that needs an excuse to have fun these days. 

 I didn't quite realize this until we were at the top of the Ferris Wheel, but this bitch is terrified of heights. Crippling to the point of having to stare at my phone or keep taking selfies to concentrate on anything but HOW DAMN HIGH WE WERE! I calmed myself when I realized I could look into the petting zoo cage that we had just left. Goats that look extra tiny from high up? Ok, I can deal.

They loved my cone. A couple of them felt like dirty pillows.

I didn't capture it on camera but Kris played a dart game and won our dogs a few chew toys. My favorite being Mr. Pickle.

And then we walked off into the sunset and ate pizza. The end. 


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  1. Yeah I have to admit, Mr. Pickle is pretty rad.