Friday, August 16, 2013

i will be right to you

Weeeee! It’s Friday! The mornings have been chilly, my days are becoming less humid, and I don’t have a lot of work to do this weekend. So needless to say I am in a great fucking mood. Even if I have managed to spill my coffee all over myself 3 times this morning.

This weekend is looking to be quite promising.

Tonight, I’m going to see NicoVega. Fucking yay. I'm going to drink a beer. Or several.

 My good friend is in town, which means I get a haircut. I’m split right down the middle between wanting to cut my hair off, and to keep growing it out. Ughh. Life’s hair decisions are hard. I’m just getting sick of pulling out hamster sized balls of hair from my butt crack when I get out of the shower.

Sunday we’re planning a girl’s day. Brunch, flea marketing, possible amusement park adventures, and seafood eating. That last bit no one else is aware of, but I’m going to get a lobster roll this weekend. It’s going to happen.

Other minor details: I’m putting down a deposit on my next tattoo, since my hands are almost healed. As usual I’m not telling anyone what it is. I like my secrets. 

They're going to need some touch ups, but overall they healed quite nicely. Leave it to me to always get tattooed in the hardest to heal/most likely to fall out places. 

And I can’t stop online shopping. I’ve started to put together my dream vanity (even though I don’t have a vanity..) set, in the hopes I’ll stop throwing my clothes on top of my dresser. It's just really convenient when you don't want to put things away..

I gave in and bought a vintage porcelain glove mold to hang my jewelry on. I can not wait for this stuff to get here. 

I also did some massive buying from Forever 27. My new obsession? Printed harem pants. Weird.

This post brought to you by too much coffee, the letter R, and the end of Summer.

What's new in your world? 


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