Monday, August 19, 2013

i can feel it but it wont let it drag me down

 I realized this past weekend I can no longer party like I’m 21. This isn’t quite a new revelation, but more like one that’s been instilled in me so hopefully I don’t forget so quickly.

Friday night was the Nico Vega show at a venue this side of the river. Meaning, I didn’t have to go in to Boston to see it. The show itself was phenomenal. I didn’t know the opening band, nor the band after them, so we mostly just drank to take up the time when they weren’t on. First big mistake there.

The show itself was one of the best performances I’ve seen in a while. Energetic, interactive, and they played a few of my favorite songs.  After the show a bearded burly little man came running up to us to show us his tit that Aja had signed. His ex-but still friends – boyfriend came after. We became drunk friends. Second big mistake. 

 What followed was drunken hair talk, exchanging of numbers, and shots. Shots of jager.

We left the venue and started walking home. We parted ways with our drunken gay entourage and while waiting for a car service to pick us up, I decided throwing up all over would be the best idea. I got some on my shirt so naturally changed into the shirt I had just bought at the concert. This is where I really felt like I was 20 again.

The car driver was convinced KH was going to puke everywhere but I reassured him he just needed to drive faster and put down a window. I bet I was so convincing.

I got home and had to make mac and cheese while sitting on my friend who I woke up the moment I walked in the house. I only let him be when I decided I had to ravage my girlfriend.

The next day can be summed up in this.

I couldn’t sit up so I ate my breakfast sandwich off my chest.

It was rough. Until around 7pm, when I felt well enough to drive up to Salem to eat fried shrimp and ice cream. Delicious, and I want more. 

Sunday thankfully I awoke with a new lease on life, and not feeling nearly as hungover as Saturday. We went out for brunch, came home and napped, and then went to see Elysium. Pfffftt, is my review of it.

Just what we need, another movie where a man saves the world and his woman counterpart is helpless in the plight.

We also forced ourselves to watch the season finale of True Blood. This season has really been tough on me. I want to keep loving the show, but it’s just hard. I will forever love Alcide however, especially with his shirt off.

It’s Monday. I feel slightly like shit still, and do not want to have this week start. Isn’t there a pause button? My days are moving to fast for me.


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