Monday, February 3, 2014

shake the ghosts off nightly, or rather my January

You see those? Yeah, those horse sized pills. Those would be the antibiotics I was on for the sinus infection that had been kicking me in the face. From the inside.

That was before my face swelled and I stopped putting mascara on. My eye almost swelled shut. It was intense..

I’ve been sick, in one way or another, for somewhere close to 12 weeks now. There’s nothing worse to me than feeling like a stranger in my own body. I don’t need to describe what being sick feels like,  as we’ve all been there.

January as a whole was pretty uneventful and crappy. I’ve spent the better part of the past year trying to catch up and learning how to incorporate “me” time into my new life. It’s really difficult when you don’t have a separation between home and work. I’m hoping I’ve finally gotten a handle on it and can enjoy more.. me things.

If I even remember what those are anymore. When you go so long depriving yourself of things that used to define you, where do you start rewriting the definition?

My younger brother came to visit in early January. It was a welcomed reprieve for my usual day-to-day life, since I don’t have family that lives close by.

We got a chance to have lunch together, just the two of us. It was really nice getting to commiserate with someone who knows what it’s like having the family that we do, and generally the same feelings towards life as I do. We have the same sense of humor, and Kh sure does put up with it when he’s here. She even said she missed him when he left. The cutest.

I decided that since I’m a grown up, I should be allowed to buy myself little prizes here and there. (As a side note, I use this excuse often. Making pancakes for dinner? Why yes, because I’m a grown up..)  I had been lusting after this mini cauldron incense burner I found, and finally bought it. While I do live very close to, and visit Salem quite often, I was some how moved to buy these things online. I was a bit bummed when I opened the package and random herbs that had been thrown into the package fell all over my table making a huge mess. The shipping was also astronomical, $5 more than what the postage had stated on the box.

But to make up for it I’m in the process of window-shopping online with the intent to buy new boots. Oh sedate these shopping demons! One of my Christmas presents from Kh ended up falling through so she's given me a spending limit to have my own shopping spree. I'm spoiled.

What else? 

My hairs getting really long and bothering me. 

My birthday is creeping oh so close. Stay away, please?

I’m behind the rest of the world and just finished watching all of Dexter. I was a bit saddened by the end. I think they lost steam and crapped out just to finally end it.

I also got caught up on Dracula, because gosh do I ever love Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Kh calls him my gay face boyfriend, and I’m quite ok with that. Suck me dry any day Mr. Grayson.

Ok, ok before this heads south. I’m going to try and update more frequently, but absolutely no promises are being made from me to the oblivion of internet land.

Hugs and slimy slugs,

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