Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the good, the bad, and the in-betweens

I’ve been in hiding a lot recently. From friends, from the internet, from just about everything and everyone. A lot is going on, and then again nothing at all is happening. I’m just busy, over worked, and tired. The tune of the working woman, eh?

I haven't had the inspiration to blog.. maybe I can change that with some random blabbings.

:: The Good

We found out some months ago that our landlord, who lived below us, was selling the house we live in. We found all this out when he decided to have someone come view the property (IE: our apartment) on two separate occasions. He refused to tell us he was selling until the day he actually sold it. We got a text at 11pm saying we had new landlords.

Ok, stressful. We aren’t in the best of spots financially, nor emotionally, and couldn’t imagine having to pack up and move before the holiday season. We stressed about it for a few days until we had our meeting with the new landlord. And everything went great. They turned out to be the nicest little family and they were so nervous about asking us to put the garbage out on the curb.

PHEW! Our apartment is quirky and looks like a religious Grandmother went to an antique store. We’ve made it our home and couldn’t imagine moving out, just yet at least. 

:: The Bad

My dog has been dealing with chronic heart failure for the past 6 months or so. She has good days, and bad days. Most days are good, but on the off days it’s really difficult to think of what lays ahead of us. She’s reached a high daily dosage of diuretics, receiving pills every 8 hours, and she’s on 5 different pills. She was going to the cardiologist weekly, and now she just needs to go in if she shows signs of a worsening condition. We know what is going to happen, eventually her kidneys will give and the true battle begins. I know she’ll let me know when it’s too much for her to fight anymore, and every day I’m thankful I still have her in my life.

It doesn’t make things any easier and I struggle to stay out of a dark haze most days. I don’t feel like myself, and I’m already in mourning. I often get pangs in my chest, as if my heart is already breaking, and I haven’t even lost her yet. It’s just.. hard. 

Her thing lately is farting and humping her favorite toy. So, really things aren't as dire as I make them seem. She's just.. my everything. 

The In-between

Work has been ever increasing, the holiday season being one of our busiest times of year. I’m averaging on 3 – 4 new client consultations a week, and I just had to extend my calendar to accommodate all the last minute bookings. I’m still amazed at how many people wait until such last minute to schedule pet sitting.

I’m almost all done with my Christmas shopping! This is impressive for me, I usually wait until two weeks before hand..

I’m slowly motivating myself to do more DIY, at home projects. I am always on the go, so finding the time on this one is hard. I have to make time, I do suppose.. 

Cheers to surviving Thanksgiving at my girlfriends parents house.


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