Friday, May 3, 2013

i'm just not having it

Let me tell you a story.

Yesterday I was bringing a client home. He’s a dog; just to make sure that’s known. We’re standing at the elevator waiting for it to make it’s slow decent to the first floor, when a woman walks up and stands next to us. Little man decides he wanted to start throwing up; he does that every now and again. So I stand there, waiting for him to finish doing his thing. 

He finishes just in time for the elevator doors to open up. I glance over at the woman who is giving me the nastiest glare you can imagine. I get in the elevator, and this exchange ensues.

Woman: You better clean that up. Don't you dare just leave it there!
Me: Does it look like I have paper towels on me? Ill take care of it.
Woman: I'm so sick of seeing messes all over this place.
Me: I highly doubt it was him all over the complex, mind your own business.
Woman: It IS my business! Leaving a mess like that! How dare you! (she continues on for a while)
Me: It's time for you to shut up now.
Woman: (with disgust) What did you just say to me?
Me: (while smiling) You heard me. It's time for you to shut up now.
Woman: (dumbfounded glare)

I took the dog back to his apartment, got him all settled in, then headed down to the concierge to let them alert maintenance to take care of it. I would have myself, but again, I don’t carry cleaning supplies in my back pocket.

There are a few things that infuriate me instantly. One of the biggest would have to be when complete strangers find it somehow acceptable to speak to you in public in a disrespectable way and are shocked when they are put in their place.  I’m not sure where people get the gumption to do things like this, but I really don’t stand for it.

This ranges from people cat calling out of car windows, inappropriately touching someone (in my case, my tattoos),  or even those times when you’re at a bar or in line at a store and someone gives you the stink eye or talks about you within earshot. Even worse is when I hear someone say something about a friend/relative, I get a little crazy.

It’s about time more people stand up for themselves and not let people get away with it.

Don’t take no shit.


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