Tuesday, May 14, 2013

flowers, tattoos and a good cause

You know what’s fantastic? Having a couple of glasses of wine on a Tuesday night and thinking “shit, I leave for Mexico in 10 days.”

I mean, at least that’s what I’m thinking tonight.

This past weekend was one of those jack-shit happened but I barely had any time to get my own stuff done kind of weekends. The never-ending saga that is my crappy cars health kicked in to over drive. We spent most of Saturday waiting for an appointment to get a flat tire fixed, only to have the tire place tell me they didn’t have the tire we needed. Then we spent 2 hours Sunday morning waiting for said tire to get replaced. It was great..

If you like being tempted by a vending machine full of chocolate bars at 9am.

Sunday afternoon I talked my friend into coming with me to a local tattoo shop that was having a fundraiser for families that were affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. Several other tattoo shops in the area had done the same. A sheet of flash had been drawn up of Boston Strong inspired tattoos, and I’m all over random tattoos. Especially for a good cause. 
 It’s my little Pru. I asked for some pink, and gave my artist liberty on the rest of the colors.

I took a nap once I got home. Because what else do you do at 3pm on a Sunday? Amiright?

Once I woke up, Kh and I walked to one of our go-to places for an early dinner. We forgot it was Mother’s Day and got to enjoy the wonderful entertainment of listening to awkward interactions of Mother’s and their sons/daughters significant others.

On the walk home Kh bought me some flowers from a lady on the street. 
Oh.. She’s a keeper.

Even if she did use my $10 to buy them.


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